Angela Verdon graduated in ceramics from the Royal College of Art in 1974. Two years later she was awarded a fellowship residency to develop her practice at the Gladstone Pottery Museum, Stoke on Trent. She continued her exploration with Bone China clay though further residencies in Japan, the Netherlands and Denmark in the 1990’s, developing knowledge of this restrictive and exacting material. As a result, her work evolved from paper thin pierced vessels to larger scale abstract sculptural forms.

Every aspect of the making process is exploited, through utilising the inherent qualities of the material, employing carving and mould making techniques, to controlled multiple kiln firings. Working in this way results in surprising and unexpected forms that are reworked at various stages. The pristine surface finish is achieved through a laborious process of sanding and burnishing throughout the making process.

The subtle play of light and shade gives definition to the sculptures with their oblique references to architectural and natural forms. The structure, balance and purity of form, combined with the strength of the material, produces their quiet but powerful emotional impact.



Angela Verdon
1066 London Road, Derby
DE24 8QA

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